Oxford University Tennis Club

Privacy Policy

At Oxford University Tennis Club, we hold the following personal data about members:

  1. Contact details (name, postal address, email address, phone numbers).
  2. Date of birth, gender and status of membership (e.g. child, student, full member).
  3. Emails between officers and employees of the club and members.
  4. Financial data, i.e. records of billable events (e.g. membership, court bookings, payments).
  5. Information about a member's tennis handicap which we collect from the Tennis and Raquets Association (T&RA) system, for members who are also members of the T&RA.
  6. Photographs and videos of events such as tennis matches, prize-giving ceremonies or other photographs of club activities likely to be of interest to members.

We hold all of this information in order to:

  1. Contact members to arrange tennis matches, organise tournaments.
  2. Ascertain correct membership charges and members’ eligibility for certain tournaments.
  3. Record details of charges and payments to enable correct billing, and manage the club’s finances.
  4. Promote the activities of the club to members and ex-members.


  1. We hold contact details of members during their membership of the club and for an unlimited period afterwards.
  2. We hold financial data for up to seven years after a billable event. When a person joins the club he is given a unique identifier and we record that identifier with a person's forenames and surname indefinitely, so that the identifier cannot be re-used.
  3. We hold copies of emails between members and the club indefinitely.
  4. We hold handicap data only as long as it is valid.
  5. Photographs and videos may be held indefinitely.


We hold most electronic data on personal computers, in email systems provided by gmail or other providers, and on the computers of our Internet Services Provider who provides our administrative database and our web site. Most of these systems are protected by passwords. We hold physical records in a private locked office.

Some photos and videos are stored on our website or on the websites of social network providers, currently just on youtube. These items are intended to be promotional or informative and are accordingly made available to anybody with access to the internet. Please see our Use of Photography Video Images Policy Statement.pdf for the policy which applies to this data.


Some of our members are children under the age of eighteen. We require a parent or guardian to supply the contact information we need in order for us to facilitate a child's membership of the club. We don't collect additional information direct from a child.

It is possible that we would take photographs or record videos in which children feature as tennis players.

Access, corrections and deletions

Any member (or the parent or guardian of a child member) may make a request to:>

  1. request a copy of the personal data we hold about them
  2. request us to make a change to our records of their personal data or delete it.

To make such a request, please contact a member of the club's committee.

In any matters relating to how we collect, store or use your data, you have the right to complain to the Information Commisioner's Office.